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Why Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury Vinyl

What you need to know

For all of the flooring design needs of your project, there is a luxury vinyl solution. With remarkable ease of installation, outstanding resiliency, and inherently waterproof qualities, luxury vinyl plank and tile formats make stressful renovations a thing of the past. Versatile enough for single and multifamily properties with the durability to handle high foot traffic, today’s luxury vinyl has come a long way from the original vinyl products offered. These styles will make you do a worthy double-take.

At Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors, we’ve seen luxury vinyl soar in popularity thanks to its modern innovation. Still possessing the elasticity, cushion, and ability to bounce back like the vinyl products of old, luxury vinyl now provides exceptional durability as well as eye-catching wood and stone looks at a reduced cost. This combination is hard to beat!

Whether you are a builder, designer, or homeowner, you can use luxury vinyl to quickly complete your residential and commercial projects with successful, quick installation results. No matter what hard surface trend you want to capture in your design, luxury vinyl has every look from reclaimed and petrified wood to high-end marble and travertine. The rigid top layer can be used to create authentic hardwood character, graining, and knots, just as easily as it can emulate natural stone with depth, texture, and realism. This top layer provides greater durability for your home while still offering the inherently waterproof nature of vinyl that handles liquid spills like a dream.

Not only does luxury vinyl offer the hottest hard surface looks at a cheaper price, but it is easier and quicker to install and repair. Luxury vinyl can go anywhere in the home including high moisture, high traffic, and below-grade areas. You can even utilize the easy to use locking systems for floating floor DIY installations that will not displace rooms in your home like installing wood floors will. Wider, longer luxury vinyl plank formats can help you install a floor that truly feels like luxurious hardwood. With dimensional stability and the ability to be installed at all angles, luxury vinyl will be a great candidate for DIY floors. As always, our flooring experts are ready to handle your installation needs at any time.

Once your luxury vinyl floors are installed, you will be blown away at how easy and effective clean-up is. You can actually wet-mop the surface of waterproof luxury vinyl floors with warm water. Always sweep or vacuum your luxury vinyl floor regularly to remove dirt and particles from the surface for easy preventative maintenance. In the event of any rare extensive damage to your floors, your luxury vinyl will be easier, quicker, and cheaper to repair than almost all other flooring types. When you need new flooring solutions to uplift your property and make every room shine, come to one of our 10 showrooms conveniently located throughout the Greater Houston Area and we’ll explore luxury vinyl options together. We think you will fall for these gorgeous styles just like we have!