It’s time to install your stylish new laminate floors.
Our expert team of licensed professionals is ready to guide the way.   



The big day is here. You shopped through all of the versatile, fashionable laminate varieties at Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors and found the styles that will give your home the wood or stone look you love and perform how you need them to. Then you worked with our expert installation team to pick a day to install your top-quality, engineered floors and today’s the day. Thankfully, we reviewed our laminate installation checklist together beforehand and there are no surprises. Not only will your laminate planks be installed quickly and securely, you will not stress for a moment. You did your due diligence as a homeowner, and now your home is ready for eye-catching laminate floors.

As the calendar moves closer to installation day, we will need to review with you the large objects like furniture that will need to be removed from the rooms that are getting new laminate. Please make note of any items that require special care and consideration when they are moved. Also, you will need to empty the cabinets, drawers, and closets of these pieces of furniture before they are moved. Let’s also check the manufacturer’s instructions and set your heat or air conditioning to the preferred indoor environment.  These prep steps save both time and hassle for a smooth installation.

Most laminate products offer a floating installation option that can be easily installed over a variety of existing floors and subfloors. We will discuss whether the laminate is being installed over an old floor, if the subfloor needs to be leveled, and how to dispose of your old floor covering if it needs to be removed. Let’s develop a plan beforehand for any potential waste and the waste produced from installing the new laminate. There’s also a chance that baseboards and woodwork may need to be removed for installation. Come up with a game plan now about completing moldings, baseboards, and touching up any paint after the new floors are down. To be on the safe side, we will remove doors that may not clear the installed floor and be ready to shave down doors to ensure clearance. All of these considerations minimize surprises, prevent stress, and ensure optimal laminate installation conditions.

When it’s actually time to install, you will need to be close by during this time. Our installation team will want to check in with you from time to time and you may need to answer questions. This way we are all on the same accord in regards to which laminate goes where if you have multiple varieties going down. Unfortunately, each installation presents unique circumstances that make it difficult to predict the total time it will take to finish the job. We ask for your patience and flexibility during your laminate installation. Going through the process thoroughly will produce the best, long-lasting results. Thankfully, you can successfully install laminate floors very quickly.

We want your family as safe as possible, so they will need to avoid the work area completely during installation. This goes double for curious, friendly pets that we love, but can be harmed from tools as they are being used. When the laminate installation is near complete, let’s walk through and review the details together. This will provide a great opportunity for you to ask questions and feel completely satisfied. Now it’s time to give the rooms with new laminate adequate airflow by opening windows and running fans to create a breeze.  This will help dissipate any occasional odors that can come with installing new laminate floors.

You will love the fact that today’s laminate products are engineered for quick installation that can even present DIY opportunity if you have installation experience. Of course, you will still want to practice careful planning and prep to minimize the amount of time your rooms are displaced. We are ready at any point to take over, handle your laminate installation, and make your life easier. You have selected the laminate styles you love and we aim to make your laminate flooring experience enjoyable right from day one.

Let’s get to work!