Enjoy your favorite laminate floors for years to come.
The love and care you provide will ensure these versatile floors remain striking.



We loved exploring all of the fashion-forward wood and stone laminate options with you, working to meet your ultimate design vision while adding as much knowledge as we could about the products that will suit the needs in your home. Now that your laminate floors have been quickly and perfectly installed, you have the style you love with the performance you need! Your laminate floors are easy to care for and maintain, and developing your routine now will keep you prepared for all of the adventures to come. It’s time to make memories and completely enjoy your laminate floors.   

It’s easy to protect your laminate flooring thanks to its water-resistant nature and durable construction. However, the care and maintenance that you follow will help reduce the effects of foot traffic over the years, as well as the stains and spills that all homes will eventually experience. Our laminate experts are here to provide you with best practices and help create an easy-to-follow care routine that will go a long way in maintaining the appearance of your floors.

Just like you would do to take care of wood floors, sweeping will be the first step of your daily care and maintenance. The longer that surface offenders remain on the surface, the more time they have to create easily preventable damage. Sweep or dust mop your laminate floors as regularly as you can to remove abrasive dirt, debris, and pet dander that can cause scrapes and dulling. Vacuum when you can, without using a beater bar, to remove even more loose dirt and particles and keep your floors sparkling.

Since your laminate floors have authentic wood and stone textures, you may need more than a broom at times to effectively remove all the dirt from your planks. In these cases and to get all particles out from edges, we suggest investing in a vacuum cleaner that has brush and hose attachments. These savvy features are exceptional for easily cleaning your laminate floors. Once you have removed as many particles as possible, you can consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for damp mopping procedures. Always avoid using excessive water to prevent expansion, but appropriate damp mopping will definitely bring out the shine. Use a dry cloth to remove all moisture afterward and behold your beautiful floors.

When those annoying spills do occur, don’t panic. Your laminate floors are engineered to handle spills well as long as you act promptly to wipe them up. Although your laminate floors will not damage from occasional moisture, prolonged exposure could lead to a stain or permanent damage if left untreated. Simply follow the guidelines outlined by the manufacturer and act accordingly. Use a warm damp cloth if you have to clean a stubborn stain and always check to make sure any cleaning solution you use is manufacturer-approved for wood flooring. You will always appreciate how easy it is to care for your attractive laminate surfaces!