Why Carpet?


What you need to know

Before you invest in supremely plush carpet, it’s important to understand how this surface will serve the specific needs in your home and determine the perfect fit.  Carpet not only offers a tremendous range of benefits, but it will also remain attractive and cozy for years to come.  Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors has a tremendous, wide-ranging selection of carpet styles and we will help you shop for the varieties you will cherish. We’ll even help you install them for perfect results. Here’s our take on all of the things that you should know about gorgeous carpet and what it means for your inspired home.

We are self-professed carpet lovers and so is the rest of the nation. Carpet sales account for more sales than all other flooring types combined. So, why is carpet the best choice for your home? Maybe you have little ones who would benefit from a comfortable landing. Perhaps you just want a soft carpet pile to sink your toes into after a long day of work, errands, and activities. We get it.

Today’s carpets are engineered to handle the activity in your home, even if you have kids, pets, and a busy lifestyle. You will definitely want to be mindful of the carpet construction and fiber type to make sure that your investment will withstand the adventures. Avoid a super plush cut pile carpet in rooms that will experience the most activity such as family rooms, hallways, and kids' bedrooms. Reserve the softest of carpets and your Saxony, textured cut pile, friezes, shag, and cable carpets for your master bedrooms or formal living and dining rooms.

If you need a durable, stain-resistant carpet, a low-profile loop carpet will resist foot traffic extremely well. Multi-level loops not only will give your carpet texture but will also add visual interest and also help you when it comes to cleaning up dirt, mud, spills, and pet accidents. The right carpet fiber will also make taking care of your carpet a more efficient and effective process. For the average family, a carpet engineered with special performance attributes like waterproof qualities or permanent stain resistance will certainly help ease concerns about spills and stains.

At Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors, we will help you learn about all of the carpet styles that can serve the different areas of your home. We are dedicated to making sure that not only do you love the soft styles that you bring home but that they are the perfect fit to enhance your daily life. Visit one of our nine showrooms conveniently located throughout the Greater Houston Area and one of our dedicated carpet specialists will help you shop through all of the amazing carpet swatches your heart desires. We know that we have just the style you’re looking for!