Why Area Rugs?


What you should know

No matter what type of gorgeous flooring that you invest in from Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors, area rugs will enhance the design in your home and help frame rooms however you see fit. If you want to indulge in a bold color or new pattern, an area rug will present a cost-effective way to add your favorite trends. Also, your area rugs will protect hard surface flooring and even carpets from abrasive particles, moisture, and general wear-and-tear. We love area rugs for their instant beauty and protection they add. Let’s find the rugs that will help complete your inspired home.

Now that you have all of your favorite floors installed in your home, it’s time to add protection with the perfectly paired area rugs. Here’s an easy, instant, and relatively inexpensive way to make any room pop with color, pattern, texture, and general visual interest. You can use an area rug to add subtle warmth and softness, or you can find a bold design centerpiece just as easily. When shopping for area rugs, don’t be afraid to let your imagination explore new possibilities.

On the style front, area rugs come in a wide variety of constructions and fiber types to select from. From braided and cotton rugs to exotic Persian and traditional Oriental rugs, our rug inventory will help you find the pieces you love. We have three gorgeous showrooms - Houston Southwest, Webster/Clearlake, and The Woodlands - that showcase the fabulous area rugs we carry.  One of our friendly, helpful Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors team members can help you pair area rugs with your home’s specific design scheme. Let’s get shopping!

Area rugs will vary in cost dues to the materials, the intricacy of patterns, and craftsmanship involved. However, the odds are high that you will find options you love no matter what your design budget is. Just like wall-to-wall carpeting, cotton, nylon, and polyester materials will create affordable rugs that still deliver attractive visuals.  Exotic, more luxurious rugs woven from wool and other expensive materials like silk will typically fetch a higher price tag due to more sophisticated manufacturing. However, these rugs historically last longer and increase in value when properly maintained. You can also capture the look of these sophisticated rugs from modern machine-made area rugs at a lower price. Choose the best fit for your home and budget, and you can’t go wrong.

Once you find the area rugs that you love, now it’s time to add the valuable enhancement of area rug padding. Just like our soft carpet benefits from the extra cushion and insulation that quality carpet pad provides, your area rug receives added performance from padding underneath. In addition to making every step softer, area rug padding will stabilize your rugs and hold them in place better. This prevents slippage and makes your household safer- especially you have active little ones. Padding will also help keep your rug more resilient for longer-lasting appearance, performance, and protection for your beautiful floors.