Care & Maintenance

Enjoy your favorite tile floors for years to come.
The love and care you provide will ensure these timeless floors remain stunning.


Tile Flooring

We loved combing through the wide-ranging array of amazing tile colors, shapes, and textures, to help land on the winning choices that will assist your home with enduring style and reliable performance. Now that your tile surfaces have been carefully and expertly installed, your home has the added touch of luxury and durability to make it complete. Even though your tile surfaces will serve your home with exceptional toughness, it’s wise to develop a care and maintenance routine that will have you ready for the activity ahead. It’s time to make memories and treasure your tile surfaces.   

Thanks to the versatility of tile itself, you can mold your daily care and maintenance routine to your preferences. Tile offers homeowners tremendous moisture resistance, making it a great fit for bathrooms and kitchens on floors, walls, countertops, and backsplashes. For your floors, you will be able to sweep, dry mop, vacuum, and wet mop whenever you deem necessary. For your countertops and backsplashes, you can wipe them down as you see fit. You will find that tile is both stunning and stunningly easy to care for.

We recommend adding fashionable mats and rugs at your entranceways, and in front of sinks and showers, to help remove dirt and grime from reaching the floor and landing in the grout. If you have large tile that has more potential to crack than smaller tile, be sure to use floor protectors underneath heavy furniture and always lift these pieces entirely to move them as opposed to pushing them across your tile flooring.

To start your cleaning routine, sweep regularly with a good broom or dust mop to remove abrasive particles. To remove dirt from grout lines effectively, we recommend using the brush and hose attachments of your vacuum just as you would with corners and hard-to-reach areas. Tile surfaces are as tough as it gets, but frequent removal of dirt and grit will lessen the wear and tear that all products will go through in an active home.

There’s no need to stress over spills if you have tile floors or surfaces. The natural moisture resistance means that you can wipe away spills instantly with warm water and dry afterward with a clean towel. If you do need to use a cleaner to treat a spill, make sure that they are approved by your manufacturer and suitable for cleaning grout. Acidic cleaners and those that contain vinegar, ammonia, and chlorine can potentially damage or discolor the tile surface or grout. Follow the best practices that we have outlined, as well as your manufacturer guidelines, and your tile surfaces will glow and gleam for all to see.