Species & Styles

Hardwood Flooring

No matter what design scheme you want to craft for your home, genuine hardwood will provide tremendous durability and undeniable beauty for decades.


Styles & Species

From selecting your favorite styles and determining an appropriate species to completely installing your finished floors, we know that hardwood floors are a significant investment for most homeowners. At Roberts Floors, we offer full-service hardwood installations for all of our valued clients. Whether you are designing your custom home or outfitting a high rise residency, our hardwood flooring experts will help you work through every step until your new favorite wood floors are down and ready for living. Here are some of our favorite tips for designing with hardwood:

  • When it comes to color, darker wood will help create a more formal feel while lighter and natural wood helps produce a more casual look.
  • Whether you use “strips” (narrow boards) or “planks” (wider broads), you can use board width to play off of the dimensions of your rooms.
  • Strips will help you expand the look of a room while planks are ideal for larger rooms.

Hardwood Edges: 3 Types

  • Square Edge: All edges meet squarely for a uniform, smooth surface that will help create contemporary and formal rooms.
  • Eased Edge: Your hardwoods are slightly beveled to length and/or the end joints, which will hide irregularities and is also called micro-beveled edge.
  • Beveled Edge: These edges have distinctive grooves that allow them to be sealed completely, perfect for informal and country chic design schemes, and for removing dirt easily.
Oak flooring | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors

hardwood species


  • Lighter colored hardwood varieties
  • Extremely popular and on-trend
  • Exceptionally strong, heavy, and durable
  • Beautiful grain displays prominently
  • Grain showcases swirl patterns
  • Highlights natural beauty to perfection
  • Smooth, low gloss finishes 
  • Excellent for classic, rustic, contemporary, and coastal rooms

Hardwood species


  • Highlights warm red and brown hues
  • Tight, wavy grain appearance
  • Softer hardwood variety
  • Provides tremendous warmth
  • Suits a wider plank format
  • Great for low-traffic rooms like bedrooms and dining rooms
Cherry | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors
Hickory flooring | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors

hardwood species


  • Wide range of light cream color to medium brown
  • Fantastic natural color variation
  • Distinctive, eye-catching graining
  • Displays large knots and wood character
  • Can often feature dark streaks
  • Wider plank showcases characteristics without looking busy
  • Provides fantastic durability
  • Excellent fit for high-traffic areas
  • Ideal for rustic, country appeal

hardwood species


  • Airy hardwood shades
  • Graining is very light and fine
  • Specks are common and add visual interest
  • Provides exceptional hardness
  • Highly durable throughout the home
  • Excellent for contemporary and transitional design
Maple hardwood flooring | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors
Hardwood styles | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors

hardwood species


  • Golden, amber tones to deep reds
  • Large swirling grain patterns
  • Adds warmth and coziness
  • Showcases large knots and pitch spits
  • Soft wood species
  • A better fit for light activity
  • Cost-effective hardwood choice
  • Perfect for crafting rustic charm

hardwood species


  • Rich, warm brown coloring
  • Graining is fine and straight
  • Smooth, consistent visual appearance
  • Adds dramatic sophistication
  • Softer wood species
  • Best suited for medium to light foot traffic
  • Showcases hardwood luxury in dining rooms
Walnut hardwood flooring | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors
Exotic | Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors

hardwood species


  • Extreme color variation
  • Rich red, brown, and blonde tones
  • Tremendous hardness
  • Highly durable wood options
  • Unique graining provides interest
  • Color becomes richer over time
  • Lay out planks beforehand to prevent a busy appearance