Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?


What you should know

Before you invest in gorgeous, timeless hardwood flooring, it’s important to understand how this surface will serve the specific needs you have for your your home. A proper understanding of the category will help you determine the perfect hardwood flooring product for your needs, whether that be a solid plank or an engineered hardwood.

Hardwood flooring not only offers a tremendous range of benefits, but it also serves to improve the resale value of your home. Here at Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors in Webster, TX, we offer a spectacular, wide-ranging selection of hardwood species. Our expert team will help you shop for the styles you want & need for your home design. We’ll even help you install them for perfect results.

Hardwood flooring is an investment in the value of your home. Distinctly elegant & full of warm, natural character, hardwood offers a beauty that’s highly sought after by homeowners. Not only that, but the durable nature of solid hardwood allows it to stand the test of time. Normal wear only adds to the charm of the surface, meaning that the value increases with time.

Authentic wood never goes out of style. Year after year, hot new trends come and go – but hardwood flooring has withstood changing tastes for hundreds of years. Currently, whitewashed wood is being used to achieve elegant, fashionable looks that are at once rustic & upscale. Hand-scraped and wire-brushed textures are popular finishes for this look, while matte finishes work well in homes where ease of care is a primary concern. If you’re looking or a bit of shine, choose a low-gloss satin finish.


Explore a wide range of looks. Solid & engineered hardwood alike are made from different species from around the world, each offering distinct colors, textures & grain patterns. You can further customize your look with a wide variety of stains & finishes, as well as a range of options for plank length & width. Whether you’re creating a relaxing coastal design, a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, or an elegant traditional look, hardwood provides the undeniable strength & beauty you need.

  • Oak floors are perfect for capturing light, airy looks with a smooth finish. Explore styles such as Green World European White Oak from Green World Industries, manufactured right here in Houston, TX.
  • Hickory floors offer a wide range of shades, each with distinct natural variations in color & graining, marking & knots.
  • It’s hard to resist the rich red and brown hues of cherry wood floors, particularly in wider, longer plank formats.
  • Walnut floors can help you create a dramatic, sophisticated flooring surface that your guests won’t soon forget.

At Roberts Carpet, we offer all of these hardwood flooring varieties and more. Explore any of our nine showrooms in the Houston area, including stores located in Webster, Stafford, and along the Katy Freeway.


Professional hardwood installation is the way to go. Once you’ve selected your favorite hardwood style, work with our team for assistance with your professional hardwood flooring installation. Our qualified installers will complete your project with results you’ll cherish for decades to come.


Hardwood flooring is well-suited to an open floor plan. With open floor plans rising in popularity for living spaces, hardwood in larger plank formats is here to help fill the broad surfaces. Whether you want to lay floors in a long space or a wide one, you’ll find hardwood in a size that suits your needs.


Hardwood can be installed virtually anywhere. Thanks to innovations in plank construction, you can install hardwood flooring above or below grade. Traditional solid hardwood plank can be used for standard applications in living spaces where moisture won’t be an issue. However, if you wish to install hardwood below grade, engineered hardwood flooring offers the flexibility to withstand changes in temperature & humidity that would otherwise damage solid planks.