Why Tile?


What you need to know

Trends may come and go, but a classic never goes out of style. In the vast world of tile options, you will find every shade imaginable and seemingly never-ending textures and surfaces that will allow you to create completely unique surfaces. At Roberts Carpets & Fine Floors, we are ready to help you explore all of the most popular tile trends that will beautify your home. 

With the rise of open floor plans, larger-sized tiles are in high demand since they can add a luxurious feel and large tiles inherently make rooms feel bigger. With larger tiles, there will be fewer to install and fewer grout lines needed. Not only will your installation be quicker but your finished tile floors will be easier to clean and maintain. If you intend to put your home on the market one day, you will also find that larger tile keeps more value over time. Sometimes these larger tiles feature bold, eye-catching patterns that add dimension and color.

Speaking of patterns, decorative tile is also making a big splash for homeowners who want an added artistic element. Even art-deco inspired black and white surfaces are coming back in modern design. Wood-look tile is thriving thanks to wider, longer tile formats that mirror wood floors, and today’s innovative technology creates realistic rustic and weathered tiles with authentic grain. These wood-look tiles come in colors from warm to cool and offer smooth glazed surfaces that are easy to care for.

Of course, very few surfaces can match the luxurious look of natural stone like granite, marble, travertine, slate, and more, complete with all of the veining and striations you could want. No matter which visual you prefer, you will enjoy supreme durability along with waterproof, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant performance. These looks can be safely installed in areas that experience more humidity or moisture, with some tile products even suitable for outdoor applications. As long as your subfloor is level and in prime condition, your finished tile floors will serve your home for decades.

What rooms in the home are you designing for? It's no secret that look great with tile. How will you transform your culinary space? Will you create a kitchen that’s retro, modern, chic, sleek, or completely original? Since tile is water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable, you will receive the performance needed along with creative inspiration. Don’t forget about the kitchen surfaces other than the floor: use tile to coordinate the counters, walls, and backsplashes for a complete overall design. Explore different tile shapes like squares, hexagons, and large planks to keep things interesting.

As we mentioned before, open areas will look incredible and more expansive with large tiles. Smaller rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms will benefit from a diagonal tile pattern to feel more spacious. If using tile on the wall, it’s always wise to keep the floor tile larger to maintain proportion. Try designing with mosaics or creating unique patterns to add even more personalized flair to your tile floors. We are ready to help you design amazing spaces with timeless tile that will bring your inspired home to life!