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Enjoy your favorite area rugs for years to come.
The love and care you provide will ensure the beauty of your stylish, well-crafted pieces.

Care & Maintenance

Area Rugs

We were honored to help you explore the wide range of eye-catching area rugs in our Houston Southwest, Webster/Clearlake, and Woodlands showrooms. These soft additions are an easy way to enhance the design scheme in any room, as well as help protect your floors underneath from everyday wear-and-tear. Make sure to develop the perfect care and maintenance routine now, so that your area rugs remain attractive and you are prepared for all the activity that will take place in your home. It’s time to make memories and enjoy your beautiful area rugs.

Each area rug presents its own unique construction, carpet fibers, and materials, which will determine the care and maintenance routine that you should follow to keep them looking new. Read all tags and warranty information carefully, to ensure that your routine is appropriate and effective. In some cases, your stylish rugs may be machine washable for exceptionally easy maintenance whenever you deem necessary. Otherwise, these helpful area rug care tips will provide best practices to maintain appearance and condition.

Regular vacuuming will not only help maintain the plush carpet pile of your wall-to-wall carpeting, but it will also help your area rugs in similar fashion. Many homeowners make it a point to add area rugs at entranceways and high traffic spots in the home to minimize wear-and-tear to the floors underneath. Since these rugs will see the most abrasive particles, pay dutiful attention to the rugs in these locations. The particles that are left behind will rub into the carpet fibers over time, contributing to the dulling of colors, patterns, and the rug construction itself.  Vacuum your area rugs regularly to remove as much dirt, dust, pet dander, and debris as you can.

First, disconnect or remove the beater bar to your vacuum model if it has one before vacuuming your area rugs. Since many area rugs have more textured constructions such as shag rugs with longer yarn cables, the beater bar can create tangles when vacuuming. Next, set your vacuum to the appropriate height setting so that the vacuum is just touching the surface of the area rug. This setting will create the most efficient airflow for removing particles as well as be gentile to the face of your area rug. If the rug is a smaller size, feel free to shake them first outdoors to let loose particles fall off. Give your rugs a quick vacuum with smooth strokes and return them to their locations inside the home.

The area rugs inside our visiting rooms, under coffee tables and dining rooms are more likely to see accidental food and liquid spills that will need prompt attention. Just like wall-to-wall carpeting, treat any spills on your area rugs as quickly as possible to prevent a permanent stain.  Use a dry, clean cloth to pick up any solid material and rinse the spot with warm water. Soak up as much of the liquid as possible and under no circumstances should you try to bleach the affected spot on your rug. Once the damp area is dry, vacuum the area rug to restore its appearance and pile.  With a little bit of regular love and care, your area rugs will shine and enhance your rooms for quite some time!