Luxury Vinyl

Care & Maintenance

Enjoy your favorite luxury vinyl floors for years to come.
The love and care you provide will ensure these versatile styles remain striking.

CAre & Maintenance

Luxury Vinyl

We were honored to help you shop through all of the amazing options that we carry in the luxury vinyl category, finding the stylish wood and stone looks you love that will perform with resiliency and versatility. Now that your luxury vinyl floors have been efficiently and flawlessly installed, your home receives valuable performance and upgraded style. Although your luxury vinyl floors will be a dream to maintain and care for, we recommend developing an easy-to-follow regular routine that will have you ready for all of the upcoming adventures. It’s time to make memories and appreciate your luxury vinyl floors.   

One of the biggest reasons that you will cherish your luxury vinyl floors is the tremendous ease of maintenance that your home receives. No matter what activity awaits inside your home, protecting your floors is inherently easy thanks to the nature of the product itself. Luxury vinyl provides resiliency against dropped items, waterproof construction to handle spills, as well as durability to withstand foot traffic. To prolong the appearance and lifespan of your attractive floors, follow regular maintenance tips to minimize wear and tear.

Just like you would do to take care of wood floors, sweeping will be the first step of your daily care and maintenance. The longer that surface offenders remain on the surface, the more time they have to create easily preventable damage. Sweep or dust mop your luxury vinyl floors as regularly as you can to remove abrasive dirt, debris, grit, and pet dander that can cause scrapes and dulling. Vacuum when you can, without using a beater bar, to remove even more loose dirt and particles and keep your floors sparkling. For edges and hard-to-reach areas, use the brush and hose attachments of your vacuum model.

Many flooring products will provide some level of water resistance but vinyl flooring is the original waterproof surface. Thus, you truly have the luxury to mop your floors with clean, warm water whenever you want to achieve an extra shine. Always check to make sure that the cleaning products you use are approved by the manufacturer beforehand. We can help recommend a safe luxury vinyl cleaner if you need expert advice. Once you are done mopping, rinse your luxury vinyl floor and dry completely with a clean towel.

Your option to mop your luxury vinyl floors will definitely help out when it comes to spills. Like any flooring type, you want to clean up spills and messes as soon as possible. Generally speaking, a common spill will wipe up from your floors with a clean cloth and warm water. Wet mop when needed and for trickier spills like nail polish or wax, consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct procedure and cleaning products. Trust us when we say that luxury vinyl floors are a breeze to maintain!