Why Laminate?


What you need to know about laminated wood

If you cherish the look of genuine wood or stone but are searching for a more affordable alternative that’s easier to maintain, laminate floors are the perfect flooring solution.

Known & loved for their durability and greater resistance to water when compared to their natural hardwood or stone counterparts, laminated wood products are a worthy candidate for homeowners looking to capture hardwood visuals without the associated upkeep. Today’s best laminate flooring options provide striking wood or stone realism that are a great fit in nearly every room of your active home. Don’t miss out on the looks you love!

The Best Laminate Flooring Styles

Whether your preferred style is traditional, coastal, rustic, modern or industrial, laminate flooring can help you capture your favorite hardwood aesthetic without maxing out your design budget. For new families, active families, and renovations that involve multiple rooms, laminate can be nothing short of a life-saver, allowing efficient installation throughout the home. No matter what type of laminate you choose, you can have the style you desire while handling everyday messes with ease.


What is laminate flooring?

So, what exactly is laminate flooring? It's actually a composite wood product made up of different layers. The bottom layer offers stability and moisture resistance, the core layer provides strength and durability, and the rigid top layer features a high-quality image of either hardwood or stone. Today’s best laminate flooring options are also designed with incredible advanced finishes that not only protect the design of the plank but also offer scratch, stain, and fade protection. It should be noted that the top layer of laminated wood cannot be refinished like that of natural hardwood planks, but your properly maintained laminate floors will still last upwards of 15 to 20 years before needing to be replaced.


Laminate Flooring Care

Speaking of maintenance, homeowners cherish laminate floors since they are as easy to take care of as they are easy on the eyes. Although laminate products will vary from product to product based on verified testing and manufacturer guarantees, water-resistant laminate can definitely handle any spills or splashes in your home. Whereas liquid spills and standing water can permanently affect real wood, laminate allows homeowners time to wipe up liquid without stressing over permanent damage. This is an especially attractive quality in homes where spills from kids and pets are frequent and inevitable. Simply sweep, dust mop, or vacuum your floor regularly to care and maintain your laminate.


Where to Install Laminated Flooring

Finally, it's important to know that you can install laminate everywhere: bedrooms, living rooms, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and more! Laminate can handle high foot traffic, and you also get superior performance with resistance to scratches, stains, spills, and fading. When it comes to installing your new laminate floors, most products can be installed as a floating floor for quick installation. Far less time-consuming and less expensive than real wood, laminated wood planks simply click together and don’t require nailing to a subfloor. You may even decide that you want to attempt a DIY laminate installation. You can always call the flooring experts at Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors to handle the installation if you want quick and beautiful results from a professional team.