Enjoy your favorite hardwood floors for years to come.
The love and care you provide will ensure the majestic beauty of your gorgeous planks.



We enjoyed browsing through every knot and grain pattern of the amazing hardwood styles we carry at Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors with you, lending as much knowledge as we could about which species would serve your home for decades. Now that your hardwood floors have been expertly installed, you have upgraded the style in your home and improved the overall value of your property. Take the time to develop a great care and maintenance schedule now, so that your rooms are prepared for all the fun activities that will take place indoors. It’s time to make memories and cherish your hardwood floors.   

To keep your hardwood looking illustrious, it’s beyond important to be prepared for foot traffic, spills, and possible stains, while being mindful to prevent scratches, fading, and dulling. We know hardwood flooring is the king of durability, but the care routine that you create will help preserve this strength and the radiance we cherish. Follow these tips from your helpful Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors hardwood experts and your hardwood will be easy to care for as they are on the eyes.

Your daily hardwood care and maintenance starts with a good old fashioned broom. Of course, invest in a brand new, high-quality broom. Leave the old broom for your old floors. As regularly as you can, even daily, sweep your hardwood floors to remove abrasive particles like dirt, dust, and pet dander from the wood surface. For hard to reach areas and in between planks, use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar to clean. Buff your hardwood floors occasionally to bring out the luster off your floor, thoroughly sweeping and vacuuming beforehand.

When it comes to areas like corners, under cabinets, and along baseboards, use a terrycloth mop with a rotating head to make cleaning as effective as possible. Only use a professional hardwood floor cleaning product to safely treat spills and stains after double-checking with your manufacturer’s guidelines. In addition to potentially dulling the hardwood finish with the wrong cleaner, you want to be sure to not void your warranty. Call us if you need clarification. Roberts Carpet & Fine Floors is happy to assist you in selecting a hardwood cleaner that is right for your floor.

Although it’s impossible to prevent spills from ever occurring during the decades that you have your hardwood floors, the good news is that most spills will clean easily with a dry cloth and not leave a stain. Since genuine wood is not water-resistant, you should always wipe up spills as soon as you can after they occur.  If you experience a spill from something such as wax, nail polish, or other common chemicals, you should always consult with the manufacturer’s recommendations first. The cleaning procedure that you will follow will have more specific steps but will help you preserve your radiant floor. We suggest reviewing all cleaning procedures before your first spill ever happens. It always pays to be prepared!