Hardwood Colors

At Roberts Carpet, we offer quality hardwood flooring in a variety of colors. Learn more about our hardwood color offerings below. 

Hardwood Floor Colors At Roberts

When deciding on beautiful hardwood flooring for your home, there are a variety of considerations to be made. there are going to have it installed? What brand are you interested in? What style or design will look best? What's your price-point? Who is going to install it? And so on and so forth. Near the top of that list of questions should be, what color hardwood flooring am I going to go with?

At Roberts Carpet, we offer a wide range of hardwood colors for our prospective customers. Regardless of your hardwood flooring stylistic needs, the team at Roberts is sure to be able to help. We invite you to browse our gallery below for a visual representation of the many colors that we offer.


With our customer's needs always at the forefront of each and every decision that we make,
the team at Roberts currently offers hardwood flooring in 10 different colors, including:

Beige/Tan Hardwood


Ideal for providing tranquility and order to any room. 

Black Hardwood


Dramatic and provocative, black hardwood flooring is a definite showstopper. 

Blue Hardwood


While perhaps not seen as often as others, blue hardwood flooring offers a peaceful, almost nautical look, to a home.

Brown Hardwood


The definite hardwood look. Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason. 

Gold Hardwood


Providing homeowners with a more natural look, gold hardwood flooring adds charm to any room. 

Gray Hardwood


A clean and contemporary look, grey hardwood flooring has grown in popularity over the past decade.

Natural Hardwood


Nothing says hardwood like the pristine natural look. Add comfort and warmth to your home with natural-colored hardwood flooring. 


Orange Hardwood


Exciting, modern, and attractive, orange-colored hardwood just might look great in your home. 


Red Hardwood


Bold, studious, and fun, red hardwood flooring is perfect for any room in your home. 

White Hardwood


A new twist on an old classic, white hardwood flooring is a consistently pristine hardwood look. 

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