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Vinyl | Before You Buy

While vinyl tile can be one of the easiest types of flooring to install, there is still some preparation involved. Below are some suggestions to help prepare you for what to expect with Vinyl Tile or Plank installation and advice to ensure your new flooring install goes smoothly.

Before Installation Day

  • We recommend purchasing 10% more flooring than your square footage calls for. It’s always better to have a little extra than not enough.
  • Vinyl Tile/LVT can indent. Take preventative measures by purchasing felt pads for the feet of heavy furniture.
  • Remove or relocate heavy furniture or appliances
  • Empty China Cabinets and closets

Additional Expenses

  • Most Vinyl tile installations require some amount of float to level the floor and prevent vinyl telegraphing
    • Vinyl Telegraphing: visible swirls on the surface of vinyl flooring caused by unevenness of the substrate underneath it.
    • Float is priced per bag. Number of bags of float necessary can vary
  • Disposal of old flooring can be arranged at an additional cost


  • Consider: doors may not clear the new floor and swing free
  • Installers may remove doors and re-hang for an additional cost.
  • For clearance issues, arrange for a qualified carpenter to shave the door down


  • Waste is collected and disposed of by installers at an additional cost

Installation Day

  • We recommend being home and available, as every job is different and your installers may have questions to your preference
  • Your presence insures the right Vinyl Tile is installed in the correct areas and the way you intended
  • Exact time of arrival cannot be guaranteed, but we will adhere to a time frame


  • Installers use tools and techniques that can be hazardous; make sure that children and pets are out of the work area
  • Prior to completion walk through to ask questions to be clear on any final details

After Installation Day

  • Use a dust mop (damp or dry) to clean any remaining residue/dirt
  • Enjoy your new floors for years to come, and do not forget to add the felt pads underneath furniture before moving back into place to prevent indentations!