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Hardwood | Installation

4 methods of installation 

Installation method will depend on the type of hardwood (solid, engineered, or longstrip) that you have purchased.

Installation Methods for Engineered and Longstrip Hardwood:

1. Glue Down:

  • Adhesive is spread on with a trowel and the hardwood is attached to the subfloor

2. Floating:

  • Floatinginstallation=not fastened to the subfloor
  • A thin pad is placed between the floor and subfloor and glue is applied in the tongue and groove to hold the planks together

Installation Methods for Solid Hardwood:

3. Staple Down:

  • A pneumatic gun is used to drive the staple into the subfloor

4. Nail Down:

  • 2" nailing cleats used with a nailer and mallet to attach to the subfloor

We recommend hardwood sit in your home, in the area where the product is to be installed, for 48 hours in order to acclimate to the moisture and temperature conditions